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“Fool us once shame on you.  Fool us two times, three times, four; shame on us!

After eight long years of havoc and devastation on the state coal industry and the hundreds of thousands of workers and families across this country whose jobs and paychecks have dwindled away, we say enough is enough.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Gore and now Hillary Clinton.  All are committed to a national energy plan which does not offer a role for coal, let alone any appreciation for its use as a clean base fuel for generating household and industrial electricity around the world. 

Running on the national ticket, Hillary Clinton, and other Democratic Party hopefuls, are simply left with no choice in the matter.  The major party funders – Hollywood, Sierra Club, Bloomberg and others – demand an anti-fossil fuel position from its candidates.

Unfortunately, a percentage of state residents fail to look at these core party platform issues and desire to be loyal to the Democratic party of their parents and grandparents. That party, once promoting hope and promise, is no more.

This year, after nearly two decades of anti-coal and anti-fossil fuel positions, it is time to join the sentiment of independent voters who look beyond a person's voter registration to vote for the individual most protective of West Virginia's energy industries and economic health.

Hillary Clinton may have earned her stripes within the national Democrat Party for her loyalty as a major player within President Obama’s administration during the years West Virginia's economy was decimated.  However, she is undeserving of your support as it is guaranteed to be more of the same!

For additional information, contact the West Virginia Coal Forum at (304) 957-2306.