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May, 21 2012

 A Bloomberg Government Study has found:

• New coal plants would effectively be banned because their emission rate is almost double that of the proposed standard.
• The new policy probably wouldn't shift current investment patterns in the power sector. Natural-gas plants already have a compelling price advantage.
• Although the rule makes room to build coal plants that incorporate carbon capture and storage technology, coal plants with CCS probably won't be built unless Congress enacts new programs to subsidize them.

We the undersigned wish to express our support for those in elected office who would consider the economic impact that the new EPA rules would have on West Virginia. We further support the efforts of the WV Coal Forum in their attempts to educate West Virginians and our elected leaders  about the effect of the new rules on our local economies and further, the Coal Forum's effort to always advocate for West Virginia coal

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Joel L. Watts

Chris Hamilton

Fred Tucker

Amid soaring fuel prices and energy crunches in various parts of the country, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank an old friend and applaud West Virginia's readily available and abundant energy source - Coal!

While many states who rely on natural gas, nuclear, oil and other base fuels for electric generation are facing extremely high bills this winter, West Virginia enjoys some of the lowest electric costs in the nation thanks to coal.

West Virginian's should be thankful that we have an inexpensive and dependable energy source to power our lives. Coal, it works for West Virginia


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