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Sorry, Mr. Obama, Africa Needs Coal
August, 19 2014

Africa faces a dilemma: It's vulnerable to climate change but needs coal to grow robustly. So which way are Africans going?

Africa is the kind of place that makes power companies rub their hands with glee. Economies there have grown steadily, an average 6 percent per year, even though nearly half of the continent’s 1.2 billion people have no electricity. Just think what a little power would do for growth – and the business opportunities for providing that power!


WVCA Addresses Kanawha County Commission on Job Losses
August, 19 2014
CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Coal Association was invited to Thursday’s meeting of the Kanawha County Commission to discuss the impact of the recent layoff announcements that could potentially impact as many as 1400 coal miners – many of them from Kanawha and surrounding counties.

WVCA Senior Vice President Chris Hamilton and Vice President Jason Bostic met with the Commission, providing up-to-date information regarding the layoffs. Hamilton spoke about the issue at the regular Commission Meeting Thursday evening in Charleston.

Using 2008 as the baseline year in comparison to 2013/2014, Kanawha County has seen a 25 percent decrease in direct coal jobs – from  1,861 in 2008 to just 1,400 today, along with a loss of approximately 3,000 indirect jobs that are dependent on the industry.  Production has also declined 25 percent during that time. And the economy has lost approximately $85 million.

Statewide, direct coal mining employment has fallen from 20,927 to just 16,500 (counting the additional 1,400 announced layoffs) – a decline of 21 percent from 2008. Production has fallen from 165 million tons to just 117 million tons with surface mining declining by more than 50 percent. The overall impact has been a loss to the economy in wages alone is estimated at almost $750 million along with approximately $80 million in coal severance taxes.

These losses are the result of a number of factors, including an uncertain national economy and competition from low-priced natural gas, but much of the loss of production is due to the policies pursued by the Obama Administration and implemented by the EPA.  These policies have essentially forced the closure of hundreds of coal-fired power plants and essentially made it increasingly difficult to mine, transport and use coal.

Kanawha County commissioners agreed that something must be done to counter the loss of production and jobs, going on record calling for the state to do whatever it can to protect the industry and provide incentives for mining and using West Virginia coal within the state.
WVCA's Hamilton Appears on Fox Business News
August, 19 2014
CHARLESTON – WVCA Senior Vice President Chris Hamilton was a guest on Thursday’s “After the Bell” show on Fox Business News.  Interviewed by phone, Hamilton spoke about the recent increase in coal imports from Russia, Columbia and other countries – imports that are displacing Appalachian coal in markets traditionally served by West Virginia, Kentucky and other eastern coal producing states.

Host David Asman said it was unbelievable that American coal miners were being laid off while coal was increasingly shipped from other countries due in large part to the costs associated with compliance with new federal regulations imposed by the Obama Administration. 

If you want to see the segment in its entirety, it is available at:

Buses are Leaving to Take on the EPA: Do you need a Ride?
July, 29 2014

Local organizations are providing buses. Please email to reserve your spot at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Rally to Support American Energy!
Join us for a celebration to support American Jobs, Affordable Power & U.S. Energy Independence

The Environmental Protection Agency will host public hearings on its new carbon regulations in Pittsburgh on July 31 and August 1. We’ve already paid the price for EPA’s costly and politicized rulemaking, and the agency’s newest regulations could be the most devastating yet.

July 30, 2014 – 10am to 2pm
Highmark Stadium
510 W Station Square Drive,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Entertainment, speakers, food and fun for the whole family

·         Win a chance to meet NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

·         Come see the Nationwide #7 America’s Power car

·         Country singer Chris Higbee live in concert


INVITE: Join us in Pittsburgh to Support American Energy, and American Jobs
July, 17 2014

The Environmental Protection Agency will host public hearings on its new carbon regulations in Pittsburgh on July 31 and August 1. We’ve already paid the price for EPA’s costly and politicized rulemaking, and the agency’s newest regulations could be the most devastating yet.

Come join coal communities from across the Tri-State area and special guests, including Governors Corbett and Tomblin, for a fun-filled, family friendly rally and learn how you can get involved and take action. Let’s show EPA our support for coal!

Sponsored by America's Power, WV Coal, PA Chamber of Business & Industry, Citizens for Coal, PA Coal Alliance, Ohio Coal Association, National Association of Manufacturers, Friends of Coal, and Count on Coal


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Joel L. Watts

Chris Hamilton

Fred Tucker

Amid soaring fuel prices and energy crunches in various parts of the country, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank an old friend and applaud West Virginia's readily available and abundant energy source - Coal!

While many states who rely on natural gas, nuclear, oil and other base fuels for electric generation are facing extremely high bills this winter, West Virginia enjoys some of the lowest electric costs in the nation thanks to coal.

West Virginian's should be thankful that we have an inexpensive and dependable energy source to power our lives. Coal, it works for West Virginia


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